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Youth Against Corruption Vanuatu

Wenisdei nekis wik, lo Namba 18 Disemba, “Ol Yangfala Agensem Korapsen” (YACV) i kat wan AGM (Annual General Meeting) long Anambru long Hill Antap.

Evriwan i welkam lo kam…olfala, yangfala, man o woman…welkam.

Hemi bigfala janis blo yu lo maekem kontribujin long kantri blo yu.

Sapos yu o sam narafala man o woman yu save wea yu ting ting i gud blo jonem YACV Boad, plis kam lo Wenisdei lo nominaetem nem blo yu or narafala.

Sapos you wanem mo ditael, lukluk long YACV website –

Tankyu tumas


????????????????A reader of The Watcher has passed information to me that potentially implicates an ex-pat and various government agencies.

The “bad news” is that I cannot approve a post of this nature without “hard evidence” per se. It may just be a spurious allegation and if so, it would be unjust to post information leading to the identity of an individual if untrue.

I have suggested that she pass along this information to the relevant Authorities, that is, VFSC, VIPA and Labor Dept.

The “good news” is that I encourage her and others to contact the VACC (Vanuatu Anti-Corruption Commission) at in such situations also.

If you feel it is appropriate to do so, you may also wish to contact YACV (Youth Against Corruption Vanuatu) on matters of corruption.

Looking back on 2012, what would you rate as the most important/significant events of the year? What about yourself? Did you have a good year…or something else? For some thoughts from yours truly, check out my first diatribe for 2013 – “The Certified BULLS**T Club – New Members Welcome!

Globally, I feel it’s fair to say that the major events of the year were the US Presidential elections, events in Syria and the London Olympics. Whatever the world events, it’s the things that happen in YOUR close world of friends, family, business colleagues and community that affect you most and therefore are most likely to hold priority for you.

For most of the people I know, it’s been a financially challenging year and for some – devastating. Businesses closed down, bank re-possessions, jobs lost, no money for school fees and so on.

Sure, there have been some individual successes as well. I wish I could name some of these great people, men and women who are quietly achieving….in the true sense of the word. I won’t though, as they are unequivocally entitled to their privacy. I can say this – I’m eagerly awaiting the next 12 months as these people continue to grow their successes, more often than not because of the challenges faced by them. The most personally gratifying factor for me is that each and every one of them is, without exception, a good person and human being!

2012 was an interesting year for yours truly. Apart from a couple of temporary “nasties”, it was a pretty good year from a health perspective. I have worked with some really cool and successful people this past 12 months. Had some fun too…..small stint on radio, my regular shell (or two) with my nakamal mates, some special occasions with my wife and social occasions with friends. Overall, I consider 2012 to have been a good year ending in a foundation for an even better 2013.

Okay, now let’s leave the beer & skittles and roses behind for a spell…….

My perception is that there is a distinct air of “change” omnipresent. I have heard it said many times recently, in many different quarters, that people are looking to 2013 as a year of change – for the better. Perhaps we are on the verge of an era that will bring with it a greater participation, numbers-wise, in meeting the challenges ahead, in concert with others and for the benefit of all. I hope so. It’s not going to be an easy task but one that is ”do-able”.

Gold Medal Award-January 2013I plan to keep up my writings to you, dear reader and with a bit of luck, keep you entertained as well as informed. I’ll also be doing my bit on the anti-corruption front, particularly locally, so you can expect to read/hear more on this subject. On that note, I ask that you check out the “Certified BULLS**T Club” site and please, if you feel you have a possible contender for an award, send in your nomination for the inaugural January Awards.