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Hon. MP Ralph RegenvanuCREDIBILITY

“The quality of being trusted and believed in” – so says the dictionary

Add to that definition the words – trustworthiness, reliability, dependability and integrity.

The spokesperson for the Parliament Opposition has had this to say in relation to the efficacy of introducing legislation similar to Singapore’s Prevention of Corruption Act …..
Minister Ralph would have been the right person to push legislation for this when he was Minister for Justice as he was always a strong advocate of anti-corruption and rightly so. Wonder why he didn’t?????”
COMMENT: It is worth noting that when Minister Ralph was Minister for Justice in a previous government, he was only there for a matter of weeks before he was turfed out in favour of someone else more ‘politically acceptable’ BEFORE he had the opportunity to make any changes necessary for the reduction/abolition of corruptive practices within the political and civil service arenas.
An additional point of note here – since the current PM, the Hon. Moana Carcasses took office in March, 2013, no-one can rightly deny that his government has instigated many positive initiatives for the betterment of Vanuatu and its people and he should be thanked and recognized for his efforts to date in this regard.
Stability in government has been an omnipresent factor since PM Carcasses took over the reigns – a very welcome, overdue and much-needed change of pace politically.
However, sometimes the call of the people (NOT the political opposition) should not be ignored. It should be asked – how many MP’s have gone to their people and asked for THEIR opinion? How many MP’s have endeavoured to educate their people on the REAL issues affecting them, rather than the matters affecting the personal bank accounts of the MP?
The Sovereign Nation of Vanuatu DESERVES leadership of the highest quality. The people of Vanuatu DESERVE TO BE LED to a better future – on a united front. VANUATU interests FIRST, SELF-INTERESTS LAST!
So here’s a thought for ALL current MP’s, including those who have betrayed or are intending to betray their constituents by jumping ship for their own nest-feathering purposes….
Instead of wasting time, effort, energy and PUBLIC funds through inappropriate Motions and the like, then how about getting your heads together and for the first time in two decades, ALL vote for someone that everyone recognizes as being a man of integrity and credibility as well as being a champion of the people, their culture and traditions?
IMAGINE if you will  – a government unified in the country’s Leadership but still with a parliamentary opposition “watchdog” in place to ensure that the rights and best interests of the people are kept intact.
Maybe this would be a good time also for YOU to CONTACT YOUR MP and express your views as to what they should or shouldn’t do on Monday….or at any other time for that matter.
After all, IT IS YOUR RIGHT to do so…..
Smol tingting nomo….
Brain Fart

Ministerial Brain Fart

In another shameful incident of Ministerial ineptitude and LACK OF RESPECT for their position, the present Minister of Youth and Sports has apparently set a fine example for those he is supposed to be representing………

….turned up drunk at the airport for the welcoming reception for our “Golden Girls”, the Vanuatu Beach VolleyBall Team…….is asked for a contribution for a special dinner for these champions (and brilliant ambassadors) and offers a paltry Vt3,000……..proceeds back to the Club 107 nightclub to drink some more………..then drives to go who-knows-where and crashes his Government vehicle.

In an instance like this, it’s my belief that a PERSON of INTEGRITY would hold it upon themselves to resign from their high-level position of trust (“Minister”) rather than wait for either the axe to fall or to see if he/she will ‘get away with it’.

The Carcasses-led government’s moral fibre and conviction in principles of honesty, integrity and accountability will be tested and noted….closely, by all I expect. Over to you guys – here’s your collective opportunity to REALLY open a new chapter in Vanuatu’s political history……for the better.

Footnote: It’s also about time the Club 107 Management showed some common sense and respect for the community. The regular assaults by/on patrons, politicians and senior bureaucrats publicly misbehaving and getting trashed and the like may be good for the management’s bank balances but it is NOT what a community-minded business should be either.

Minister Youth & Sports crash


Vanuatu National Provident Fund

Here is Part Two of Keep Your Grubby Hands Off OUR Money!”  Enjoy….

(Note: All of my media articles can be found on the Home page of “The Watcher”  or here (The Money Connection).

By now, you all know of my passionate interest in anti-corruption and my activist role in attempts to change things for the better in Vanuatu. The Vanuatu government ratified a UN Convention, 2 years ago, wherein an anti-corruption body was to be formed. This has not happened yet and time is running out for the government to meet its UN obligations.

ralph regenvanuFortunately, the new Cabinet includes Ralph Regenvanu, the new Lands Minister, President of the Graon mo Jastis Pati and current Government Spokesman. I say “fortunately” because Ralph is also an enthusiastic anti-corruption advocate. As such, I am hoping and anticipating that he will “make it happen”, sooner, rather than later.

On the world scene, things have also been pretty chaotic – Civil wars in Africa, Cyprus citizens robbed of their savings, calls by Germany for the Italians to have some of their personal wealth confiscated as well (15%), attempted leadership spill in Australia, South Korea and Guam are on “high alert” due to North Korea making a lot of noises about war and Argentina pushing to take over the Falklands again in light of the first-ever commercial oil discovery there. Hope the situation doesn’t arise where another “Maggie Thatcher” is needed again, as in 1982!

A word or two on GOLD. The “mates club” members – IMF, WTO, World Bank, EU, US Federal Reserve and the ECB have done a cracker of a job in their apparent common goal of creating economic chaos. Their so-called attempts to “stimulate growth” have been a hoax. Why? Well, they continue to debase the global currencies ad nauseum and simultaneously decry the value of GOLD (E.g., Ben Bernanke’s stated view that gold is NOT money) but what are they doing in practice? Surprise! They’re buying gold as if there were no tomorrow. For the first time in 20 years, the Central Banks became net BUYERS of gold in 2011 and have retained that position ever since.


Vanuatu National Provident Fund

Pension Funds, worldwide, are now pushing to have a proportion of their assets allocated to gold (Hmmm, I wonder what the VNPF’s position is on this?). Note: I know that the current Reserve Bank Governor has stated that Vanuatu has no gold nor is there any intention of having gold in the nation’s coffers.

These two trending factors, Central Bank buying and Pension Fund buying combined with an increasing private demand for gold, stand to push up its prices and in my view, dramatically.

There are many indicators emerging that suggest that 2013 could well be the watershed year for global finances. The issue is not whether we’ll feel any pain from a global financial collapse but rather how much pain and how soon? In times such as these, gold always proves its worth as a “store of value”. Got some? No? Get some.