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The Watcher

“ONE MACAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE”. By the way, when I say “man”, I mean this in a non-sexist sense in that “man” or “woman” can be applied here.

Take the present case of Malala Yousufzai. Here is an instance that makes me both proud and disgusted at my fellow human beings and in the latter instance, I use the term “human beings” loosely. 

MALALA is a GIRL, not a woman – a 14 years old teenager, living in the North-West region of Pakistan. A couple of days ago, she was shot, deliberately, by members of the Taliban who had objected to her public promotion pushing education for girls (the Taliban had blown up a lot of the schools, mainly those for girls) and her open criticism of the fundamentalist Islamic movement.

Here’s a youngster who, with the loving support of her immediate family, has MADE A DIFFERENCE, albeit as the result of the actions of fanatics that nearly killed her. The event has evoked a wave of reactions, more of an uproar really, from around the world, including from Pakistan itself. My view? I am not beholden to any religion other than the religion of being able to “live life” as I choose to live it without impinging on the rights of others. But how can anyone, in the name of their God, justify the killing of man, woman or child because they have a different viewpoint. Frankly, to my mind they’re just a bunch of mindless, psychotic mongrels who don’t deserve the right to even be classified as “human beings”. “Lower than a snake’s gut!”

In America and here in Vanuatu (your turn soon, Aussies) we are dead smack in the middle of the election campaigns for the position of President/Prime Minister.

The voters in America (and I find it difficult to sympathize with them as they’re the ones who chose to not vote for true “leaders” in the past) appear to be faced with the choice of electing a President that they least dislike! Not for a President to believe in – just the “best of a bad bunch”. That’s tragic.

At least here in Vanuatu, on 30th October, the citizens DO have the choice…..and the chance to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in just over two weeks’ time.

Under Vanuatu’s Constitution, Citizens can choose to vote….or not vote.

  • Those that choose NOT to vote deserve whatever they get if the wrong people get into power. They will have no moral right to object if their lives become no better…or even worse because of their own apathy.
  • Those that do vote have a choice between a multitude of Parties and Candidates.
  • They can vote for the “old guard” and/or the new.
  • They can vote for crooks or honest men and women.
  • They can vote for those would respect traditional culture or those who would choose to allow and encourage cultural degradation in favour of the pursuit of personal financial gratification (corruption).
  • They can vote for the educated or the illiterate.
  • THIS TIME, it is possible for the “ordinary people” to make a difference – to put back the hopes and dreams for a unified nation with its own sovereignty and culture intact.

We can but hope!