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Yesterday, 12th July, 2015 marked a special occasion – the official re-opening of the Melemaat Kindergarten which, had been destroyed by Cyclone Pam four months previously.

The rebuild of the kindergarten with its new upgraded facilities was made possible through the generosity of the wonderful people who contributed to the SHaRM Foundation‘s fundraising efforts via their GoFundMe campaign.

This financial generosity was supported by a combination of committed, hard-working Ni-Vanuatu and ex-patriates alike – all devoted to the task of ensuring that the children of Melemaat village in Vanuatu would be able to start their education in happy, cheerful and healthy surroundings.

A video of the pikininis singing at the ceremony can be seen at – ENJOY!

SHaRM Foundation – “Building a brighter future for Vanuatu’s Children”

ShaRM Foundation - Building a brighter future for Vanuatu's children