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German Administrative Court States that the Kava Ban was Unlawful and Inappropriate!!

This is today’s excellent news from the American Kava Association.

The tragedy of the whole saga is that kava-producing countries such as Vanuatu have for twelve years lost huge export income that would have otherwise been theirs.

Well-noted also is the fact that there has been no assistance from the WTO on this issue. Then again, we should not be surprised at this as the WTO’s major members have a vested interest in subjugating the fragile economies of Pacific Island Nations.

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I am unashamedly a lover of KAVA juice.

Bowl of KavaIt tastes vile (most of the time) but the effects are great. I don’t think I’ll share with you what actually happens when you drink kava, however, I will tell you this much…….

Drinking kava at a nakamal (kava bar) is a really nice social experience. A time when friends get together and tell stories, recount the events of their day and generally just indulge in pleasant discourse until it’s time to go home. Here in Vanuatu, we have a countless number of nakamals as kava is the traditional Melanesian drink.

I have decided to put together a comprehensive library of pictures of Nakamals and kava drinkers together with research facts and a whole lot of other KAVA-related stuff on a new site – the Vanuatu KAVA COLLECTIVE.

Kava bars and drinkers exist in many parts of the world (you may be surprised to know just how popular it really is!). For instance, it’s estimated that there are 5 million kava drinkers in Germany alone!

Anyway, we want pictures and details of YOUR FAVOURITE NAKAMAL or KAVA BAR – wherever it is!

Check out the new site here at the Vanuatu KAVA COLLECTIVE now.

You’ve seen the headlines by now, you know – the “Independent”‘s – “Nepotism ‘rife’ in gov’t”…….”Kilman apppoints brother to VNPF Board”.

sucker punchWhoa….What a sucker punch!!! – right to YOUR face – blind-sided by yet another cowardly blow from the Kilman corner.

Somehow, the Page 3 headline in the Daily Post doesn’t quite cut it, in my view, anyway – “Kilman and Garaebiti appointed to VNPF Board”.

Tell it for what it is lads…..NEPOTISM = CORRUPTION!

“Chinese factory will extract kava lactones for export: Lini” Daily Post – today….

It would be interesting to see what the lads down at “The Kava Emporium” might have to say about this. They invented the totally unique non-chemical, water-based, kava lactone extraction process that is now used for both local kava and kava product consumption (such as Kava Cola, Kava Chocolate, Kava Cordial and the like) and for export to a variety of countries.

When Ham Lini went to China, I know for a fact that the Vanuatu kava “sample” he took with him came from “The Kava Emporium”. 

The thanks the lads got from Lini was two-fold – no feedback from the Trade Minister or his Department and then…..not even invited to the “Kava Conference” held recently. Go figure that one…key players in the kava industry here.

Maybe the government would be better off recognizing the fact there are already significant numbers of both Ni-Vanuatu and expat people already working together in a successful and productive capacity in this industry. So….

…instead of having the Chinese build a factory wherein THE PROFITS will be repatriated back to China and other places outside of Vanuatu (and goodness knows into whose off-shore bank accounts!?), WHY NOT establish a Vanuatu-owned facility of the same magnitude, using Chinese money if you have to but please – stop this LUNACY of selling off the birthright of the Vanuatu people – the nation’s sovereignty, as part of the process.

“Claims of favouritism in scholarship awards” – another front-pager from the “Independent”.

No doubt you’re as surprised as I am (LOL) that no-one would provide the Independent with a list of the Awardees. That would constitute “TRANSPARENCY” – an absolute “No, no” with this government, it seems.

It just gets better and better, doesn’t it?