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no-justiceIt just gets better and better…….

This morning’s Daily Post has as its lead article the news that 40 Department of Land staff are to be investigated by the Public Service Commission over their roles in the land scam created by the former Minister of Lands, Steven Kalsakau. Fair enough. HOWEVER, what is the Government doing about the fact that its own Minister instigated this rort in the first place? Please correct me if I am wrong but to my knowledge, the Government has made no comment regarding Kalsakau’s involvement. Instead, they gave him a new Ministry – Education. Isn’t that great? We already have unpaid teachers due to misuse and abuse of funds allocated to the education of our youth, Scholarships cancelled and schools in a state of disrepair and now we have a crooked Minister in charge of our children’s future, again.

Right now, Kalsakau, Carlot and Pipete are all facing criminal charges – all them Ministers in the previous and current governments. The truth, along with transparency, accountability and integrity it seems, doesn’t matter – it’s just “business as usual”.

John Shing, PA to the Prime Minister, summed it up nicely and I quote his direct words to me on Facebook – “…from a political stand point, any news, be it negative or positive is always good news as the aim of a politician is to ensure his/her name is always in the news. At the end of the day, people tend to forget the good and bad that has been committed. All they will remember will be the name.”

The truth and justice be damned, apparently!


What follows is the Press Release from the newly-formed  unit dedicated to the task of ridding this country of corruption…..

“The NGO’s and CBO’s comprising VANGO have united to form a Task Force of committed organizations and individuals determined to eliminate political and public service corruption”, according to a Task Force spokesperson. The name of this new anti-corruption force is the Vanuatu Corruption Commission (VCC).

The VCC spokesperson went on to state – “Vanuatu Political Authorities continue to ignore civil society’s calls for better governance of the public sector. Political and administrative corruption is as widespread as ever. Nepotism, cronyism, embezzlement of public funds, bribery and vote buying persist.

It is the citizen who pays the price, as demonstrated by the recent multiplicity of scandals reported in the media. For example, consider the mega yacht Phocea saga involving State Ministers, one of whom was also recently questioned by PNG Authorities in relation to possible Trans-National crimes committed. Then there is the outstanding Lands Department and Ministry scandal for which no-one has yet been held accountable.”

The Vanuatu Corruption Commission’s strategy is to:

  • Engage people, particularly the grassroots, including youth, women, church leaders, chiefs  more widely than ever before, for ultimately, only people can stop corruption
  • Speak out more boldly about corruption
  • Work more closely with our coalition partners and the media in the anti-corruption fight
  • Use our influence to exercise more pressure on political decision-makers to implement anti-corruption reform

Civil Society Organizations are a pillar of Vanuatu’s development and as Institutions dedicated in the fight for the Rights of all Vanuatu people, it is important that the government fully engages with these interest groups in its development plans as well as the implementation of its Priority Action Agenda.

Desk reviews on the government’s implementation of its Priority Action Agenda will be carried out by this group as well as closely monitoring the performance of those in public affairs. It is time for NGO’s to start holding the government accountable for the implementation of its policies and if failure of quality performance is detected, then this group has every right to pursue further legal assistance from legal Institutions in the region and even international, where appropriate.” 

Aliens in Human Form

Aliens in Human Form

Locally, well not much has changed over the past week or so– we’re getting a 1.5 Billion Vatu Convention Centre, courtesy of China. A likely white elephant, in my view and all the while sorely-needed money for health and education goes wanting.

Sometimes, I swear, I think there must be something to the “there are aliens amongst us in human form” theory because the actions of the policy-makers and law-makers here defy human logic.

Looking abroad, I guess the first point to make about the past week is that watching the markets has been as about as exciting as listening to the Antartic weather forecast for tomorrow (COLD!). All very “Ho hum”, you might say.

Apart from Japan’s, the others have all experienced small daily pluses/minuses with the end result that all ended “up” for the week.

What could have affected the markets in a manner that drove them in the same direction?

It’s all been to do with “money” or rather, the lack thereof.

JapanJAPAN. Currently has a national debt that is 24 times the tax revenues. Their new Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, has declared a new strategy for their economy. You guessed it – grease the wheels of the money-printing presses and let ‘er rip! This, from “The Guardian”, U.K…… The interest rate on Japan’s 10-year government bonds is now less than 1% – the lowest in the world, despite a very high level of government debt and annual budget deficits. Indeed, Japan’s debt is roughly 230% of GDP, higher than that of Greece (175% of GDP) and nearly twice that of Italy (125%). The annual budget deficit is nearly 10% of GDP, higher than any of the Eurozone countries. With nominal GDP stagnating, that deficit is causing the debt/GDP ratio to rise by 10% annually.”

One response from angryboy that had what I reckon is a good take on the issue, said –

“The Japanese have been trying to “kick start” their economy for years but all they seem to be doing is proving that Keynesian “stimulus” efforts work just like any other artificial stimulant by providing a short lived boost that does nothing to provide any sustainable, positive changes and leaves the country ever deeper in debt.
The one positive note is that there are plenty of lessons on what not to do for the West to learn from”

U.S. President Barack Obama says Congress has to raise the debt ceiling because they already spent the money.” 

Oh dear! And this from the leader of the largest economy on the planet (sigh).

CHINA. A different story to remind you about. There is continuing discussion and speculation about the Yuan gaining increasing status as a “currency of choice”. The facts speak for themselves and this CBNC article “Yuan as a World Currency? Getting there Fast” is but one of many snippets of the “facts” out there in mainstream and academic media.

PHOCEA SAGA. We’re watching the events and news surrounding this issue and will keep you posted. Is this the straw that will break the back of the Kilman government?

The WatcherIn another show of Vanuatu “justice” at work, Foreign Minister Alfred Carlot has been released on bail on the charges related to the “Phocea Affair” to allow him to attend to official duties, including his anticipated attendance on an official tour of the UN General Assembly next week.

C’mon Vanuatu (Govt.). Just for once, get serious about Vanuatu’s representation on the world stage and cancel his planned US (junket) trip! This may at least help in stopping us being the laughing-stock of the rest of the world.

After all – Do you really want him representing the people of Vanuatu at the UN?