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switzerlandflagPerhaps there is a lesson in this for our own country?

When you read this article here, take particular note of the following comments….”….follows the disposal of some of its (Switzerland’s) gold reserves between 2000 and 2008, as part of an agreement among global central banks to reduce their holdings of gold.

In other words, the Central Banks agreed to sell off their gold in exchange for more Monopoly money. Say what?

Then there’s this lovely observation made by a financial commentator – ”

“This has a long way to go yet, and may not be passed when the referendum does happen,” noted Macquarie Bank precious metals analyst Matthew Turner.

“If it did, it would be incredibly bullish, a rocket for gold prices as we are talking about huge purchases that would have to be made. But the Swiss National Bank will not want its reserves policy to be determined by referenda and this proposal will be countered,” he added.”

Yes – I have highlighted those sections a gold bug would find interesting. Just don’t underestimate the Swiss, is all I say!


giant_wave_goldcIT’S COMING – Will you be able to ride it out? – 

“The Golden Tsunami – Krakatoa Style”

This is the third and final chapter in the series – “The War Begins….and It’s coming Your Way!”

Please enjoy……it may save your financial life!

"Don't Worry - Be Happy!"Ben Bernanke, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, has just announced ANOTHER round of Quantitative Easing (QE3).

So now it’s official – both the ECB and The Fed are going to screw over the economy yet again through the money printing presses. For a comprehensive report from Bloomberg, you can read it at

In the meantime – thank goodness for GOLD!

Vanuatu GOLD

“Don’t Worry, Be Happy!”

As the various “political-powers-that-be” in the Eurozone, US and even China, are fighting their own political battles, GOLD it seems is becoming a little more, shall we say – “flavour of the month”. 

The ECB and the Federal Reserve are obviously hell-bent on decimating paper money value even further and there are many who are just now starting to believe in the power of “stores of value” – such as GOLD.

Here’s a current chart showing the GOLD price for the past 5 years: (DAMN – I LOVE IT WHEN I’M RIGHT!

GOLD - 5 YRS to 12 Sep 2012



“The War Begins….and It’s Coming Your Way (Part Two)”