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Yesterday, 12th July, 2015 marked a special occasion – the official re-opening of the Melemaat Kindergarten which, had been destroyed by Cyclone Pam four months previously.

The rebuild of the kindergarten with its new upgraded facilities was made possible through the generosity of the wonderful people who contributed to the SHaRM Foundation‘s fundraising efforts via their GoFundMe campaign.

This financial generosity was supported by a combination of committed, hard-working Ni-Vanuatu and ex-patriates alike – all devoted to the task of ensuring that the children of Melemaat village in Vanuatu would be able to start their education in happy, cheerful and healthy surroundings.

A video of the pikininis singing at the ceremony can be seen at – ENJOY!

SHaRM Foundation – “Building a brighter future for Vanuatu’s Children”

ShaRM Foundation - Building a brighter future for Vanuatu's children


VBVB girlsThe investment made by the Hon. PM Moana Carcasses in these girls, Elwin Miller and Henriette Iatika, has proven to be better than worthwhile. Want to really “put Vanuatu on the map”? … Continue to support our youth in sport and education and the whole country will benefit.

Our beach volleyball girls in Europe right now – Champions, each and every one of them, as are those in their coaching and support teams.

You’ve seen the headlines by now, you know – the “Independent”‘s – “Nepotism ‘rife’ in gov’t”…….”Kilman apppoints brother to VNPF Board”.

sucker punchWhoa….What a sucker punch!!! – right to YOUR face – blind-sided by yet another cowardly blow from the Kilman corner.

Somehow, the Page 3 headline in the Daily Post doesn’t quite cut it, in my view, anyway – “Kilman and Garaebiti appointed to VNPF Board”.

Tell it for what it is lads…..NEPOTISM = CORRUPTION!

“Chinese factory will extract kava lactones for export: Lini” Daily Post – today….

It would be interesting to see what the lads down at “The Kava Emporium” might have to say about this. They invented the totally unique non-chemical, water-based, kava lactone extraction process that is now used for both local kava and kava product consumption (such as Kava Cola, Kava Chocolate, Kava Cordial and the like) and for export to a variety of countries.

When Ham Lini went to China, I know for a fact that the Vanuatu kava “sample” he took with him came from “The Kava Emporium”. 

The thanks the lads got from Lini was two-fold – no feedback from the Trade Minister or his Department and then…..not even invited to the “Kava Conference” held recently. Go figure that one…key players in the kava industry here.

Maybe the government would be better off recognizing the fact there are already significant numbers of both Ni-Vanuatu and expat people already working together in a successful and productive capacity in this industry. So….

…instead of having the Chinese build a factory wherein THE PROFITS will be repatriated back to China and other places outside of Vanuatu (and goodness knows into whose off-shore bank accounts!?), WHY NOT establish a Vanuatu-owned facility of the same magnitude, using Chinese money if you have to but please – stop this LUNACY of selling off the birthright of the Vanuatu people – the nation’s sovereignty, as part of the process.

“Claims of favouritism in scholarship awards” – another front-pager from the “Independent”.

No doubt you’re as surprised as I am (LOL) that no-one would provide the Independent with a list of the Awardees. That would constitute “TRANSPARENCY” – an absolute “No, no” with this government, it seems.

It just gets better and better, doesn’t it?

491119-aussie-dollarAusAID investigates fraud claims surrounding Australia Award education Scholarships

no-justiceIt just gets better and better…….

This morning’s Daily Post has as its lead article the news that 40 Department of Land staff are to be investigated by the Public Service Commission over their roles in the land scam created by the former Minister of Lands, Steven Kalsakau. Fair enough. HOWEVER, what is the Government doing about the fact that its own Minister instigated this rort in the first place? Please correct me if I am wrong but to my knowledge, the Government has made no comment regarding Kalsakau’s involvement. Instead, they gave him a new Ministry – Education. Isn’t that great? We already have unpaid teachers due to misuse and abuse of funds allocated to the education of our youth, Scholarships cancelled and schools in a state of disrepair and now we have a crooked Minister in charge of our children’s future, again.

Right now, Kalsakau, Carlot and Pipete are all facing criminal charges – all them Ministers in the previous and current governments. The truth, along with transparency, accountability and integrity it seems, doesn’t matter – it’s just “business as usual”.

John Shing, PA to the Prime Minister, summed it up nicely and I quote his direct words to me on Facebook – “…from a political stand point, any news, be it negative or positive is always good news as the aim of a politician is to ensure his/her name is always in the news. At the end of the day, people tend to forget the good and bad that has been committed. All they will remember will be the name.”

The truth and justice be damned, apparently!

Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged

I refer to Godwin Ligo’s article in the Daily Post on 12th January, entitled “Political sponsorship of students discouraging: Garae”

The type of thinking held by Mr. Garae in itself is “discouraging”. His statement – “…it would be better if political parties and MPs allocation is spent on a technical or agricultural studies for failed students so that they can become more productive…..” is an insult to intelligence itself.

Can you imagine what it would be like if we prioritized the so-called financial “needs” of the lazy, uneducated, morals-deficit people over those of the intelligent, the achievers, the educated and those with “the right stuff”?

WHOOPS! I guess we already are, at least judging by the recent performance of some elected officials and their public service “toadies”.

Mr. Garae, I respectfully suggest, assuming an ability to read on his part, should embark on a self-education course, quickly. Some light reading akin to “The Communist Manifesto” (basically espouses the Mr. Garae-type thinking) would be a good start followed by Ayn Rand’s 12-years-in-the-writing “Atlas Shrugged”, a philosophy more akin to the modern-day hopes and aspirations of the citizens of a young nation such as Vanuatu and states thus: “My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute.” 

The WatcherThe Vanuatu elections may not seem important to many, however, it is my view that 2012 is the year we shall look back and reflect upon what went wrong/right with the appointment of a new Parliament. Naturally, I am hoping for more of the “what went right” scenario. So, what could go “wrong”?

 The first thing that comes to mind is that the “Old Guard” will get back into power. You know, the illiterate, crooked, corrupt, unethical, snouts-in-the-trough ones. Every single one of these “big men” has rorted the system for their own benefit time and time again. Promises made – none kept (apart from those that directly benefited their own pockets or power bases). They have consistently lied to the voters; made no real attempt to improve the health and education sectors; forsaken the maintenance and preservation of the Ni-Vanuatu culture; unmercifully ‘milked’ investors and of course – broken the law on frequent occasions with apparent impunity. None of them have had the guts or will or vision to make real change happen for the betterment of Vanuatu as a whole.

 The Public Service is a bloody disgrace, a total shambles presided over by Ministers who have used the bureaucracy for their own ends while doing nothing to help develop a culture of transparency and accountability. The Leadership Code – a joke as far as its enforcement is concerned. The Ombudsman’s Office – a toothless tiger. The PPO (Public Prosecutor’s Office) – hopelessly incompetent and corrupt. Overall, the judicial system is in need of a MAJOR overhaul. The Lands Department and Ministry – what can I say. Even after the recent and most blatant, in-your-face, “up-yours” corruptive practices by the Minister and Lands Department staff “favourites” have failed to produce any reaction from those who are meant to uphold the law…..and the guy is looking to get re-elected. The part that concerns me is that it could damn well happen!

 HOWEVER, THERE IS HOPE FOR CHANGE. There is one HUGE factor at play this time around, one that has never been used before in this country, as a political tool, at least and that is – SOCIAL MEDIA.

 I admit to being an avid follower of Facebook sites such as “YUMI TOKTOK STRET” – a forum that attracts an awesome number of comments and posts. Approaching 10,000 members, I get the impression that the membership is significantly weighted toward the “NOW” generation – 18-30 y.o. In my view, this factor alone stands to result in a voting shift of considerable magnitude. Hopefully, such a shift will take place on polling day, a shift that will clean out the “rubbish” and install some cultural pride and honesty and integrity into the running of this country.

 If we are fortunate enough to see such an improbable outcome take place, then Vanuatu will have a real chance to cement its position as a well-governed, safe, culturally-intact sovereign nation that deserves the title – “The Happiest Place on Earth”! Silip!


The elections are just around the corner and it would seem that some politicians still can’t help themselves….as far as making fools of themselves goes, anyway.

C’MON 30th October!!