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I am unashamedly a lover of KAVA juice.

Bowl of KavaIt tastes vile (most of the time) but the effects are great. I don’t think I’ll share with you what actually happens when you drink kava, however, I will tell you this much…….

Drinking kava at a nakamal (kava bar) is a really nice social experience. A time when friends get together and tell stories, recount the events of their day and generally just indulge in pleasant discourse until it’s time to go home. Here in Vanuatu, we have a countless number of nakamals as kava is the traditional Melanesian drink.

I have decided to put together a comprehensive library of pictures of Nakamals and kava drinkers together with research facts and a whole lot of other KAVA-related stuff on a new site – the Vanuatu KAVA COLLECTIVE.

Kava bars and drinkers exist in many parts of the world (you may be surprised to know just how popular it really is!). For instance, it’s estimated that there are 5 million kava drinkers in Germany alone!

Anyway, we want pictures and details of YOUR FAVOURITE NAKAMAL or KAVA BAR – wherever it is!

Check out the new site here at the Vanuatu KAVA COLLECTIVE now.