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….. if they are following the example of these LEADERS – men who quite obviously believe in and practice the principles of transparency and accountability!GJP Release 2014 MP Spending Reports

If YOUR MP isn’t following their example then you must ask yourself – WHAT ARE THEY HIDING FROM YOU?



Vanuatu's Hon. PM Joe NatumanOur Prime Minister, the Hon. Joe Natuman and his fellow MP’s in government are to be congratulated for yesterday’s stance against the disloyal MP’s who were involved in the attempt to lodge a vote of no confidence against him.

The MP’s involved were MP Marcelino Pipite, MP Samson Samsen and MP Tony Nari. Though they should be ashamed of their actions, I seriously doubt their ability to feel the shame. I suspect, however, that they are feeling remorseful – but only at the fact that they were caught out and that they have lost some valuable-to-them parliamentary privileges.

Well, to my mind, it serves them right. One may well ask –

  • Where is their integrity?
  • What about their display of moral turpitude (conduct that is considered contrary to community standards of justice, honesty or good morals)?
  • Where is their honesty?
  • What about their loyalty to their voters and constituents?


  • What is their main purpose in being Members of Parliament?


I, like many others who live in Vanuatu, are sick and bloody tired of the dishonest and corrupting practices of our supposed “leaders”. I sincerely hope that the present government continues its practice of MP accountability. The people need it; the country needs it.

Again – “Congratulations!” PM Joe Natuman.


A new Vanuatu-based public forum…..

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Brain Fart

Ministerial Brain Fart

In another shameful incident of Ministerial ineptitude and LACK OF RESPECT for their position, the present Minister of Youth and Sports has apparently set a fine example for those he is supposed to be representing………

….turned up drunk at the airport for the welcoming reception for our “Golden Girls”, the Vanuatu Beach VolleyBall Team…….is asked for a contribution for a special dinner for these champions (and brilliant ambassadors) and offers a paltry Vt3,000……..proceeds back to the Club 107 nightclub to drink some more………..then drives to go who-knows-where and crashes his Government vehicle.

In an instance like this, it’s my belief that a PERSON of INTEGRITY would hold it upon themselves to resign from their high-level position of trust (“Minister”) rather than wait for either the axe to fall or to see if he/she will ‘get away with it’.

The Carcasses-led government’s moral fibre and conviction in principles of honesty, integrity and accountability will be tested and noted….closely, by all I expect. Over to you guys – here’s your collective opportunity to REALLY open a new chapter in Vanuatu’s political history……for the better.

Footnote: It’s also about time the Club 107 Management showed some common sense and respect for the community. The regular assaults by/on patrons, politicians and senior bureaucrats publicly misbehaving and getting trashed and the like may be good for the management’s bank balances but it is NOT what a community-minded business should be either.

Minister Youth & Sports crash