"Don't Worry - Be Happy!"

Why choose “THE WATCHER” as my heading and “vanuatugoldwatcher.com” as my choice of URL?

The latter first – I have been living in VANUATU for going on 9 years and I am a firm believer in the merits of investing in GOLD as an alternative, safe haven investment! THE WATCHER – well, that’s what I do – watch the world around me and when I feel inspired, I write about it.

VANUATU is a treasure in itself. “Yes!” – of course it has its own frustrating elements about it. It takes time to get anything done here (just ask anyone who is building a home here or has to have any dealings with the Lands Dept.) and as for the shopping – bloody expensive (due to the cost of imports) and a very limited range of goods available. On the upside, however, is the lack of restrictive Rules & Regulations, no traffic lights (you gotta love that!), NO INCOME TAX, NO CAPITAL GAINS TAX and NO DEATH DUTIES – all in an environment of wonderfully happy people with a strong attachment to their traditional culture and finally – great weather.

GOLD is the one element on this planet that is virtually indestructible! Every culture throughout history has revered it. Governments print “money” without apparent fear or favour (look at the US at present) and have their economic policies based on false premises and fiat currencies. HOWEVER, those economies/currencies which are backed by strong GOLD reserves are those that will ultimately do well/better during times of financial crisis or what may be coming and that is – a financial holocaust.

Which currencies would I invest in right now? Easy – the Swiss Franc and the Yuan (and maybe the AUD for a very short while). The $US is an absolute basket case. The US government’s bail-out policy (and those of follower nations such as the Eurozone and Australia) of ‘rescuing’ private commercial enterprises such as the banks, finance companies, car manufacturers and the like is DOOMED to failure. It is at best a band-aid solution to a situation that requires major surgery without anaesthetic. If we don’t bear the pain now, it will become a financial near-“life and death” situation sooner than most people realize.

There are occasions when the internal madcap beast gets hold of me necessitating the urge to comment on something, often some bullshit fed to us by populist, dumbing-down-oriented media. I find these instances irresistible – often an affront to commonsense or just a challenge to my innate sense of “the ridiculous”.

Enjoy your times here with “The Watcher”. I hope you will find some entertainment and now and again, commentary that will inspire YOU to do something for the betterment of the world we live in.

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