Investing in Vanuatu’s Children

Posted: 13/07/2015 in Box of Chocolates, Vanuatu
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Yesterday, 12th July, 2015 marked a special occasion – the official re-opening of the Melemaat Kindergarten which, had been destroyed by Cyclone Pam four months previously.

The rebuild of the kindergarten with its new upgraded facilities was made possible through the generosity of the wonderful people who contributed to the SHaRM Foundation‘s fundraising efforts via their GoFundMe campaign.

This financial generosity was supported by a combination of committed, hard-working Ni-Vanuatu and ex-patriates alike – all devoted to the task of ensuring that the children of Melemaat village in Vanuatu would be able to start their education in happy, cheerful and healthy surroundings.

A video of the pikininis singing at the ceremony can be seen at – ENJOY!

SHaRM Foundation – “Building a brighter future for Vanuatu’s Children”

ShaRM Foundation - Building a brighter future for Vanuatu's children

  1. Jean Noel Anis says:

    hi Phil,
    thank you towards this school development and I comment those involve.

    Mele Maat Primary School Council Chairman

  2. says:

    Hi Phil and thanks so much for this.I just continue to be totally overwhelmed by what has come out of the cyclone. I am not sure if you know but I am on a mission to have 1000 art smocks made by the end of the year.I have the willing sewers but need donated fabric. Today I picked up about 150m – donated and I am pretty sure more is on its way. Someone has volunteered to cut the fabric (they are pattern cutters and will do it with their industrial machine). My friend Gail made three smocks to understand how to do it and give the rest of the sewers some tips. I have cried today then cried tonight when I saw the photos and the video. Thanks for sending these. I’m not interested in being the centre f attention and being here is really seeing all the hard work you guys are doing from a distance.

    I am hoping to bring over smocks in August (coming next Sat but only for 4 nights) and will take some photos to bring home to show donors of material and time.

    I have a LOT more school items – have you seen what I have sent over so far and am going to see if I can find someone who might pay for a container to get them over..that or I just bring some each time.I have over 100 boxes with high quality stuff which is great and I am sure that he company would be happy to supply excess stock when they have it on an ongoing basis.

    Better go and have some dinner – 8pm and 9 degrees.

    See you and Marg soon.You know it is almost over ten years since I first met you guys – who would have thought this is what we would be doing together but how fabulous… Robin

    • Hi Robin. We are all looking forward to catching up with you this weekend and to doing the tour of the kindy with you.

      It certainly sounds as though you’ve been busy with your continued efforts in OZ to bring more joy to the pikininis and I know that you’ll love what has been done with the kindy – all thanks to your hard work behind the scenes and the generosity of so many people in contributing to its rebuild. See you soon……

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    Yesterday, 12th July, 2015 marked a special occasion – the official re-opening of the Melemaat Kindergarten which, had been destroyed by Cyclone Pam four months previously.

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