Chairman Bob Homu“There won’t be any ugly concrete wall to stop any public view of the ocean nor will there be a two-storey building on the sea front popular public swim spot opposite the Mele Village cemetery”.

The above constitutes part of a statement made by Shefa Development Committee Chairman, Bob Homu, in an article in the Vanuatu Daily Post on 7th February, 2015.

The same article also reported Mr. Homu as stating – “We fined him Vt500,000 and bargained with him to either pay the amount or reduce the building to ground floor and we would also reduce the amount of fine. He agreed to cancel the top floor and we fined him Vt100,000″.

Well, hello! Mr. Homu, does this look like a single-storey building to you? Of course it isn’t!

The Great Wall of Mele June 2015I spoke directly with Mr. Homu yesterday and raised this issue with him. His response to me was that the agreement with Mr. Wong, the developer, was that he could proceed with a one-storey building, not including the ground floor as part of that calculation!

In case Mr. Homu or the Department of Environment DG have any doubts as to what constitutes a “single-storey” building, check out this Wikipedia definition of same.

The bottom line is this – I, along with those other residents who see this abomination as a blight on what was previously a beautiful and popular spot for tourists and locals alike, expect you to prove to be a man of your word, Mr. Homu, in keeping with your reported statement in the above-referred to Daily Post article – “Let me assure the public and those residents along the road to Devil’s Point that if he continues to build outside our requirements, we would have no alternative but to stop his development project.”

Finally, I humbly ask that if you too wish to stop this unsightly development, please REGISTER YOUR PROTEST on the Shefa Provincial Council’s Facebook page and/or by phoning their Environment Unit Department on (+678)25302 and/or via their main switchboard number – (+678)22752.

Please – ACT NOW, before it’s too late!

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  2. […] Who’s Pulling Whose Leg? 30/06/2015 […]

  3. Jean Noel Anis says:

    Councilor Bob Homu was seen late at the investor premises sometimes ago… maybe they have change plans?

  4. Reblogged this on MMS and commented:

    ACT NOW – before it’s too late!

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