SHAME, Man Mele, SHAME on You!

Posted: 18/06/2015 in Vanuatu
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Where is your civic pride, Mele?

Gone with the wind?

You have just been given a wonderful gift in the form of a new school building and yet, you seem to think it’s okay to throw your rubbish anywhere but where it should be. Instead, you’re disposing of it right where the children like to play and where it confronts everyone as they drive past or into your village!

Although I have been watching the constant dumping of rubbish at the side of the road at Mele Village for years, I can’t hold back my personal disgust at your apparent lack of communal concern and pride in your habitat. Along with the piles of rubbish shown in these pictures is a HUGE pile of rubbish immediately adjacent to the primary school toilet block, one which appears to be steadily growing daily.

Those who maintain that Vanuatu is a beautiful country apparently haven’t seen your latest contribution to tourism development (that’s sarcasm, by the way!)……..

Mele Tourism Attraction

Mele Tourism Attraction

Mele Tourist Attraction

Mele Tourist Attraction

Now would be a good time to start showing some respect for the environment and for the health of the Mele Village residents, especially the children. Instead of giving the impression that you prefer to be living like the pigs who scavenge the rubbish dumps, a lot of able-bodied men in Mele aren’t employed so maybe one solution would be for the chiefs to organize a working bee to clean and tidy up these disgraceful blots on the landscape.

Your pigs might enjoy your rubbish lying around but people don’t!

  1. Jean Noel Anis says:

    hi Phil
    i am more interested at what you are doing and i have brought the matter forward to few community leaders including church leaders therefore we will be conducting some clean up campaign soon and we will run some educational program about waste management on the 24th July(Children’s Day).
    there would be a lot of activities happening including sports,fun activities for kids,nutritional activities,crime prevention,Reproductive Health awareness etc…for the kids at the Mele Sports field.
    we hope to get as much people for this event.


    Jean noel Anis

    • That is very good news and I am pleased with your initiative, Jean. It really saddens me to see the roadside rubbish that spoils what is otherwise a lovely environment. Very best wishes to you and your colleagues on the clean-up campaign and waste management education program and I both hope and trust that you are receiving the appropriate level of support from the village chiefs and elders in your leadership in these matters. Cheers….Phil Manhire

  2. Jean Noel Anis says:

    Hi Phil,
    i am the school chairman for the Mele primary school.
    i do agree with this situation about waste management and pigs issues in my community as this is a behavioral issue.
    i understand the benefits of using social medias but there must be a clearer understanding how to things work within Mele community and i invite you to a school council,teachers association and Parents Teachers association or even to the jiffs council whenever you are available to do so.
    there are also two waste management company’s doing the service as business if they could attend also.

    best regards,

    Jean Noel Anis
    School chairman

    • Thank you for your comments and response, Jean.

      Whilst I appreciate the invitations to attend the Associations, School Council and the Jiffs Council, I do feel that this issue is better resolved by those within the the village. Yes, I am already involved per se in that I have brought the matter to the attention of yourself and others within the community, however, now is the time for the Chiefs and other respected members of the Mele community to show leadership and involve themselves in changing the situation regarding waste management, roaming pigs and the like.

      Respectfully yours,

      Phil Manhire

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