If you are coming to help in Vanuatu, bring a budget

Posted: 03/04/2015 in Vanuatu

Could not agree more. A prime example is the kava export industry which, as with other crop-growing industries (copra, cocoa and the like) will suffer from the havoc wreaked by #CyclonePam. This will impact the livelihoods of everyone in that chain – from the farmers to the processors to the exporters themselves. If you’re coming to Vanuatu, remember that even in countries such as Australia, you are able to carry kava back with you on your return. Better still, buy some online now in support of efforts to get Vanuatu’s economy back on track. There are a number of options online for you to purchase Vanuatu kava – just type “Vanuatu Kava” in the search box and go from there. Thanks…

TNC Pacific Consulting

Dr Tess Newton Cain, Founder of the Devpacific Thinknet

I have seen numerous posts on Facebook and elsewhere from groups saying that they are coming to Vanuatu to help with recovery and rebuilding efforts further to the passage of Cyclone Pam. Some are coming with a specific project in mind (e.g. rebuilding a school or hospital) and others are coming in the hope of finding something useful to do on arrival. It is not always clear to what extent these people are making their proposed contributions known to the NDMO whose responsibility it is to ensure that all relief efforts are distributed effectively, transparently and accountably.

Often people ask ‘what should we bring?’ Some feel that they should bring food so as not to be a burden on communities whose gardens have been destroyed or damaged. Well, unless you are coming on a yacht you will be entering the country via…

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