Coward Shame

In today’s local daily newspaper, the Daily Post, an ANONYMOUS person from Minister of Tourism, Commerce, Trades and Ni Vanuatu Business had the cheek to call the author of a ‘Letter to the Editor’ a COWARD.

The following response to this apalling turn of events was very well summed up in a post response this morning on Vanuatu’s largest social media site, Yumi Toktok Stret, by a local investor and businessman…. “Who wrote the letter to the DP today that came from the Dept. of Industry and Commerce? It was in response to a letter on Wednesday from an “investor” that said that due to the act a large sandalwood project was no longer going ahead. The letter today from the Dept. of Industry and Commerce called this “investor” a “coward” for not putting their name to the letter, yet the letter was only signed off on by The Dept. of Industry and Commerce with no name attached. If you are gong to call someone a coward for not putting their name to a letter then it stands to reason that you are also one if you didn’t put your name on the response letter and are effectively hiding behind a Govt. Dept.” The article in which the long-term investor was referred to as a coward was also full of rhetoric about the purported benefits of the Industrial Development Act with heavy emphasis on “a policy regime to discourage live cattle exports”. Additionally, the Ministry’s ANONYMOUS WRITER went to great lengths to try and justify the introduction of the Act. Well try and justify away my friend because as far as Vanuatu businesses are concerned, this Act is a joke – or at least it would be were it not for the fact that its mere existence stands to threaten the livelihood af many already-struggling families and businesses. You can read more about how the iniquitous Act came into being at Vanuatu Spy Tells All. Respect - You Have to Earn It!It’s high time that more Government Ministers, politicians and public servants learned to RESPECT their employers – the Citizens of Vanuatu. As a side note, the Ministry from which today’s COWARDLY letter came, has as its Minister the same person who, without proper consultation with the public, back door-entered Vanuatu into the WTO (World Trade Organization) in 2011. Didn’t have the respect for the people nor the guts to try and get approval of the general populace first and when asked at the time by the media (17/8/2011 – Radio Australia Pacific News/PACNEWS) what benefits were to be had by Vanuatu in its proposed assecion to the WTO, he failed dismally in his responses. One does wonder therefore at what hidden agendas may have been held by the Minister concerned at the time? Hiding behind Mama Government's SkirtsBOTTOM LINE, Mr. ANONYMOUS WRITER, time for you to stop hiding behind Mama Government’s skirts. Reveal yourself or remain a COWARD! Over to you, whoever you are…….


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