One Person Can Make a Difference! Will You?

Posted: 13/01/2015 in Box of Chocolates, Vanuatu
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Being an anti-corruption advocate isn’t always an existence of dealing with negative issues, thankfully.

Many of you will gather by now that I am a youth at heart and firmly believe in the capacity of Vanuatu’s youth to change this wonderful country – for the better. Sometimes, all it takes to change things is to recognize an opportunity when it presents itself and then – DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

This brief story is about one man who did exactly that and in so doing, unified his whole village.

Robson Rangiman of Melemaat Village, Efate, Vanuatu

In early January this year, local Melemaat villager, Robson Rangiman met the famous Melbourne-based artist, Rone (, on the road near the Mele cemetery and struck up a conversation with him. During that same conversation, Rone told Robson that he was looking for a building on which to paint a nice picture and in particular, one that featured the face of a local girl or woman.

Robson then seized the opportunity to show the artist the building that is used as a meeting hall by the people in his village and this is how it looked at the time…

Melemaat Meeting Hall - December 2014

Robson then organized a swathe of photos from his fellow villagers for Rone to select a “model” from. What happened next was the creation of an extraordinarily beautiful piece of “street art” featuring the face of a young woman villager – Joanne.

Mele Maat Village Hall Painting (Joanne)

Joanne closeup2Look at those eyes! Aren’t they something else?

Since this painting was done, the whole village has ‘adopted’ this artwork, claiming it as their own very special Ni-Vanuatu legacy, to the point where some of the folk have been seen to openly weep with joy at sighting the beauty of it all. There now stands in this village something that everyone is proud of and united in their joy at having.

So there you have it. One person CAN make a difference. Hats off to Robson Rangiman for his initiative.

The moral of this story is – “What can YOU do to make a difference within your community?”


(Seize the day!)






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