Vanuatu tourism arrivals declines in 2014

Posted: 19/11/2014 in Vanuatu

Some good points raised in this post, all of which makes it quite clear that the Vanuatu Government has earned itself a big “FAIL!” in its tourism promotion efforts and its funding thereof. First thing it needs to do, in my opinion, is to devalue the vatu by around 25% from its currently well over-inflated/artificial value so as to make Vanuatu an AFFORDABLE holiday destination. This would also have the significant added benefit of encouraging more investment funds into the country.

vanuatu indigenous watch(VIW)

Looking at the current tourism arrival statistics and comparing it with the previous years’ figures it can be easily said that Australia still remains Vanuatu’s main source of tourists followed by New Zealand and New Caledonia. The other suppliers either remain constant or have decreased. The main reasons for the visits are holidays, visiting friends and relatives and attending conferences or meetings. Last year, 2013, was a record year of air arrivals (110,045) and for cruise ship visitations (242,646). Currently to September 2014 by air arrivals are 5.9% behind the same period for 2013 and Cruise ship arrivals are behind 9.6% on 2013 figures to 30th September 2014.

Based on the 2013 arrivals data for the last quarter of the year it is projected that the last quarter of 2014 will not be able to achieve the same levels of arrivals either by air or by seas that was achieved…

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