Politicians owed over 54 million to Air Vanuatu

Posted: 16/10/2014 in Vanuatu

It’s time that the Vanuatu Government stopped allowing the politicians to treat Air Vanuatu as their personal cash cow. Politician or not, everyone must be held accountable for their debts. So, Mr. Laloyer, how about starting with the recovery of the Vt40million from Charles Lini…or don’t you have the guts to pursue this debt due to some wantok scenario?

vanuatu indigenous watch(VIW)

A close source from Air Vanuatu said that the office of the Ombudsman and the government of prime minister, Joe Natuman in its capacity as the shareholders of Air Vanuatu should seriously consider carrying out an investigation to clarify few allegations and questions against Mr Joseph Laloyer regarding his involvement with Air Vanuatu.
It is alleged that his appointment as CEO of the national airline was not done on merit but in exchange of favours he must give to the politicians. The amount due at the time of the appointment or the renewal of the contract of Mr Laloyer.
It is alleged that in exchange of his appointment as the CEO, Mr Laloyer during his term in the office must not push to recover the debts from the following politicians:
Charles Lini: 40 570 218 vatu.
Late Harry Iauko: 11 097 134 vatu
Mariasua: 1 624 870 vatu
Tenkon William:…

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