It’s Time for Another “Vote of No Confidence”

Posted: 26/09/2014 in Box of Chocolates, Vanuatu
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Vote of No ConfidenceNO – I am NOT suggesting that the Opposition have another time and money-wasting crack at ousting the incumbent government.

Quite the reverse actually!

Personally, I HAVE NO CONFIDENCE in those politicians who are party jumpers. You know the ones I’m referring to – the men who find themselves in Opposition and spend their time looking for opportunities to switch sides so that they may better their bank accounts and power bases.

I HAVE NO CONFIDENCE in the Opposition Members who can afford double-scotch lunches at the tax-payers’ expense, fly Business Class or First Class whenever travelling and yet can’t find it in themselves to declare what their MP Allocations are spent on.

I HAVE NO CONFIDENCE in those Shefa Provincial Government officers who don’t have the guts to enforce their own rules. Classic example – the “Great Wall of Mele” saga.

I HAVE NO CONFIDENCE in the very same Provincial Government officers who have joyfully announced that people can now buy coffins via the Council……..WHOOPS – who have stated that people must ONLY buy their coffins via the Council. A little more on this particular topic of NO CONFIDENCE, if I may……

The radio announcement that I heard stated that the price of coffins would be 21,000 vatu. Brilliant….except that there is already a vendor in Vila whose starting price for a coffin is 14,000 vatu – two thirds of the Council-quoted price. Hmmmm. Oh, it gets better. The same announcement proclaimed that their price of 21,000 vatu came about after negotiations with a local company – South Pacific Hardware. WHOOPS AGAIN! The owner of South Pacific Hardware is the same as the owner of the “Great Wall of Mele”. Hmmmm! I do wonder how many other companies were asked to tender for the coffin-building plan, hmmmm? And by the way, where the hell is their thinking in their entering into a commercial activity such as this? Their task is to GOVERN, not to interfere/get involved in commercial money-making ventures.

As I know is the feeling of many others living in Vanuatu, I also HAVE NO CONFIDENCE in the politicians who can’t even forget their political differences when they get together to vote on Constitutional matters, in particular, I refer to the recent shameful and disgusting display of politicking that took place during the processes of appointing a new President – a supposedly non-political position  – a position that, all said and done, just required the appointment of a person of integrity who would bring honour to that same position. Fortunately, commonsense, fuelled by an outcry from the public at the monetary wastage being incurred by the warring pollies, eventually won the day with the appointment of a man whom I believe will fulfill the role of President of Vanuatu admirably.

Okay, so I HAVE NO CONFIDENCE in the roles being played by the present Opposition Members and the same sense of NO CONFIDENCE in the integrity of the current Shefa Provincial Government Council membership.

The cure?

First of all, it’s my view that it’s time for the Opposition to start acting like grown-ups, like intelligent beings of integrity and honesty and transparency – in the interests of the nation and its proper governance. As happens in more mature Western-style democracies, MP’s who make up the Opposition in Parliament are given “shadow” portfolios and hence, become the persons responsible for speaking out on issues that are relevant to that portfolio. For example, a Shadow Minister of Health would be the Opposition spokesman in Parliament on health issues. He would be the one to debate matters pertaining to that particular portfolio. The same applies for the other Ministries.

Now of course this means that Shadow Ministers would have to WORK to give themselves the necessary credentials and knowledge in case their party gets into power – a natural progression, if you will into positions for which they have trained and worked at. After all, whether they like it or not, these same men were elected BY THE PUBLIC to Parliament to do a particular job – help run the country in a professional manner while applying all the principles of good governance – fidelity, accountability, integrity, transparency and honesty. If any of them aren’t willing or capable of doing their job, then the public must FIRE THEM!

As for the Shefa Council, I believe that an investigation needs to be made into its overall running, into the Great Wall of Mele problem and into the coffin-making business and the processes thereto they have entered into.

By the time the next elections come around, I fully expect to have gained Vanuatu Citizenship and I shall take great pleasure in casting my VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE then. Hopefully, every other free-thinking person who cares about Vanuatu and its future will do likewise.





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