Political Clowns on the Merry-Go-Round

Posted: 03/09/2014 in Box of Chocolates, Vanuatu
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 Here we go again – another round of stupidity, greed and self-interest in play.

The Opposition is seeking a court order in what is said to be a Constitutional Case – the Speaker’s declaration of invalidity of the Opposition’s Motion of No Confidence in the Natuman Government. Radio Vanuatu announced in its Lunchtime News today that the motion deposited last Friday was to be the subject of such a case but no date for a court hearing was available. (Source – Vanuatu Daily Digest).

Political Clowns on Merry-Go-RoundIt will no doubt be said by some that my take on this is disrespectful. So be it but I ask this…

Disrespectful to whom?

  • To the long-suffering people of Vanuatu who see THEIR money being squandered in the interests of obtaining power at any cost and well, let’s face it – SELF INTEREST?
  • To those politicians who are doing the right thing in working for those who voted them into power?
  • To those very same politicians who are also working in the interests of all the people of Vanuatu rather than their own hip pockets?
  • To the people of Vanuatu who cannot get access to a decent health system or a viable justice system or education opportunities for their children because there’s no money left in the Government coffers as a result of politicians wasting funds made available to them?
  • To the economic benefit of Vanuatu when potential investors shy away from investing in this country because of the perceived and real political instability in the country?
  • To the business operators, Ni-Vanuatu and expatriates alike, who find it increasingly difficult to carry on business profitably in a climate of broken political promises, nepotism and cronyism?
  • To those who believe in the merits of Fidelity, Accountability, Integrity, Transparency and Honesty and as such expect the same from their elected Parliamentary Representatives?

 Of course not!

But then again, it is well nigh impossible to hold any RESPECT for the merry-go-round pollies who seemingly don’t give a damn.

In July, I praised the Hon. PM Joe Natuman for his stance on disloyal MP’s (read my “A Breath of Fresh Air” post). I would like to think that he has the strength to continue along the same lines. It is called “Leadership” – something sadly lacking in this country!

  1. Good to see that common sense prevailed in the Courts in that the Application for a Motion of No Confidence was dismissed.

    Meanwhile, the ever-suffering, tax-paying public gets another hit in the pocket with money wasted by the Opposition, money that could have been spent on essential services such as health and education improvements for the general populace.

    Surely the people of this nation must be getting tired on the antics of these self-serving blood-suckers by now!?

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