A Breath of Fresh Air

Posted: 29/07/2014 in Box of Chocolates, Vanuatu
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Vanuatu's Hon. PM Joe NatumanOur Prime Minister, the Hon. Joe Natuman and his fellow MP’s in government are to be congratulated for yesterday’s stance against the disloyal MP’s who were involved in the attempt to lodge a vote of no confidence against him.

The MP’s involved were MP Marcelino Pipite, MP Samson Samsen and MP Tony Nari. Though they should be ashamed of their actions, I seriously doubt their ability to feel the shame. I suspect, however, that they are feeling remorseful – but only at the fact that they were caught out and that they have lost some valuable-to-them parliamentary privileges.

Well, to my mind, it serves them right. One may well ask –

  • Where is their integrity?
  • What about their display of moral turpitude (conduct that is considered contrary to community standards of justice, honesty or good morals)?
  • Where is their honesty?
  • What about their loyalty to their voters and constituents?


  • What is their main purpose in being Members of Parliament?


I, like many others who live in Vanuatu, are sick and bloody tired of the dishonest and corrupting practices of our supposed “leaders”. I sincerely hope that the present government continues its practice of MP accountability. The people need it; the country needs it.

Again – “Congratulations!” PM Joe Natuman.

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  2. Actually, the 3 MP’s have not “lost some valuable-to-them parliamentary privileges” – they can still attend Parliament as normal. However, the Government has instructed them not to sit with the Government bloc – they can sit with the Opposition or on the middle benches, but not with government…

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