Great News for German Kava Lovers

Posted: 12/06/2014 in Box of Chocolates, Vanuatu
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German Administrative Court States that the Kava Ban was Unlawful and Inappropriate!!

This is today’s excellent news from the American Kava Association.

The tragedy of the whole saga is that kava-producing countries such as Vanuatu have for twelve years lost huge export income that would have otherwise been theirs.

Well-noted also is the fact that there has been no assistance from the WTO on this issue. Then again, we should not be surprised at this as the WTO’s major members have a vested interest in subjugating the fragile economies of Pacific Island Nations.

Click on the AKA logo for more information on this event……

American Kava Association





For more KAVA news, check out the Kava Collective website


  1. Reblogged this on MMS and commented:

    It’s good news week for the kava growers and kava industry in general!

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