Can I TRUST You?

Posted: 04/03/2014 in Vanuatu


Can I Trust You?I live in a small town – Port Vila, Vanuatu Population – about 40,000.

However, I guess if you live in a village of say fifty people, then “small” doesn’t quite cut it as an apt description, does it?

So when I say “small”, I say so from a personal perspective – as an ex-pat living within a rather narrow community of several thousand individuals (again – apologies to the “village people”).

Special note here: I have NOT included the wider local Ni-Vanuatu community people with whom I have a relationship….that’s a whole ‘nother story in itself…..

Anyway, there is no doubt in my mind as to the benefits of spending years living within the same small town environment.

These benefits though, along with the drawbacks, the pluses and the minuses are manifested to a greater degree in a small community. You’ve heard all the phrases…..

“In a small…

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