Hon. MP Ralph RegenvanuCREDIBILITY

“The quality of being trusted and believed in” – so says the dictionary

Add to that definition the words – trustworthiness, reliability, dependability and integrity.

The spokesperson for the Parliament Opposition has had this to say in relation to the efficacy of introducing legislation similar to Singapore’s Prevention of Corruption Act …..
Minister Ralph would have been the right person to push legislation for this when he was Minister for Justice as he was always a strong advocate of anti-corruption and rightly so. Wonder why he didn’t?????”
COMMENT: It is worth noting that when Minister Ralph was Minister for Justice in a previous government, he was only there for a matter of weeks before he was turfed out in favour of someone else more ‘politically acceptable’ BEFORE he had the opportunity to make any changes necessary for the reduction/abolition of corruptive practices within the political and civil service arenas.
An additional point of note here – since the current PM, the Hon. Moana Carcasses took office in March, 2013, no-one can rightly deny that his government has instigated many positive initiatives for the betterment of Vanuatu and its people and he should be thanked and recognized for his efforts to date in this regard.
Stability in government has been an omnipresent factor since PM Carcasses took over the reigns – a very welcome, overdue and much-needed change of pace politically.
However, sometimes the call of the people (NOT the political opposition) should not be ignored. It should be asked – how many MP’s have gone to their people and asked for THEIR opinion? How many MP’s have endeavoured to educate their people on the REAL issues affecting them, rather than the matters affecting the personal bank accounts of the MP?
The Sovereign Nation of Vanuatu DESERVES leadership of the highest quality. The people of Vanuatu DESERVE TO BE LED to a better future – on a united front. VANUATU interests FIRST, SELF-INTERESTS LAST!
So here’s a thought for ALL current MP’s, including those who have betrayed or are intending to betray their constituents by jumping ship for their own nest-feathering purposes….
Instead of wasting time, effort, energy and PUBLIC funds through inappropriate Motions and the like, then how about getting your heads together and for the first time in two decades, ALL vote for someone that everyone recognizes as being a man of integrity and credibility as well as being a champion of the people, their culture and traditions?
IMAGINE if you will  – a government unified in the country’s Leadership but still with a parliamentary opposition “watchdog” in place to ensure that the rights and best interests of the people are kept intact.
Maybe this would be a good time also for YOU to CONTACT YOUR MP and express your views as to what they should or shouldn’t do on Monday….or at any other time for that matter.
After all, IT IS YOUR RIGHT to do so…..
Smol tingting nomo….

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