Reality Or…..?

Posted: 13/02/2014 in Box of Chocolates
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A fellow blogger, Don Charisma, today posted a photo from Thailand which, he entitled “Dream or Reality”.

In doing so, he reminded me of an early 1980’s poem by one Sebastian Hood > > > >

“Reality Or…..?

Reality or.....?Dreams to awakening reality….

I asked of no-one

the line of separation

between fantasies of life’s meaning

and the surrealistic visions of goodness.

Often have I travelled

the paths of disillusion


in desperation

the opening doors unto true happiness

only to find

that the attainment of “happiness” is

but yet another

bitter disenchantment.

Where do I go?

Where have I been?

A question often asked

but never solved it seems –

Is my life to be one of questing dreams

or Dear Lord

is it to be of fulfilled reality


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  2. Don Charisma says:

    Nice poem Phil 🙂

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