Will Justice Prevail?

Posted: 31/01/2014 in Box of Chocolates, Vanuatu
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Throw the Book at him!

Throw the Book at him!

My wife, Margaret has just been assaulted by our next-door neighbour, Stephan Rivier (I wasn’t home at the time). He tried to break into our home first, all the while threatening her and then assaulted her when she went outside to try and reason with him, twisting her arm and throwing her to the ground. She now has a VERY sore knee/leg which will require medical attention, as well as a sore wrist which will also need attention.

At first, Marg thought that he had broken her leg and when she said she needed a doctor or the Paramedics, he laughed at her!!

This fucking hero has attacked a 67 year-old woman, in her own home!! To top it all off, he brought his family with him who egged him on while shouting obscenities at Marg AND carrying rocks ready for use against her!

Police have been and spoken with Marg who now has to go to the doctor tomorrow morning after which she will go to the Police Station to lay formal charges following which the Police have stated that they will come back and arrest him.

Let’s hope that they do so as this is an untenable situation, from any perspective!

Personally, I hope he rots in Hell!

  1. Kell Walker says:

    The police were called to a dangerous situation and as such are required to act immediately as she believed her life was in danger. Your wife should also seek prosecution for threats to kill! See, DPP v Kell Walker. Who was sentenced to 2 years in prison for allegedly threating to kill somebody whist sitting in a café having coffee and a cigar. And having been arrested 6 times and held in custody overnight and later having all the charges dropped.

  2. Charlie says:


    This is outrageous mate. The State must not condone such barbaric act from Stefan. He must be charged against the Penal Code. Also Marg can apply for a protection order now to keep the perpetrator away from her and the property.

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