Grab a Coldie Out of the Fridge….

Posted: 16/01/2014 in Vanuatu

GROUP or FAMILY – The perfect place to RELAX, RELAX…

Vanuatu Villas - "Belle" and "Chelle"

You’ve arrived at the airport….

It’s humid inside the terminal….

You go through the usual passport check….

Your luggage arrives….after a while….

You go through Customs….

You climb into your transport….with luggage, remember….

You’re getting a little excited perhaps but also a bit hot and bothered by now….

You arrive at your destination….and

THE overriding consideration, RIGHT NOW, is that….


Well here’s the deal…

If you book and stay with us  for a minimum of 7 nights during either February or March, 2014 and ….

Book via this button > > > >

Check Availability or BOOK NOW!

(or any other Availability/Booking Button on this site)

In the fridge, waiting for you, will be….

TuskerGin-and-tonicA 24-Bottle Carton of Chilled Tusker, a Chilled Bottle of Good Quality Ginand the commensurate number of Tonic Waters (also chilled, naturally), along with the other “necessities” required for…

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