Whose Blog is it Anyway? – The Next Challenge – WBIIA2

Posted: 09/01/2014 in Vanuatu

For all you budding writers out there….

Don Charisma

We all had great fun doing “Whose Blog is it Anyway?”, topic was women and sparks did fly.

Great writers, some amazing moments, good cleanish fun and we all had at least a little giggle.

You can see all of the posts for this first challenge here – Whose Blog is it Anyway?

So what’s next ?

The Next Challenge – WBIIA2


“Whose Blog is it Anyway?” is cutting edge improvised social blogging, it’s something that’s NEW, FRESH and EXCITING.

It’s birth is in the fusion of blogging, social media and impro techniques, to make something new, to do what’s not been done before. FUN and CHALLENGING for personal growth and entertainment. The potential is endless, limited only by imagination of the leaders and participants.

Forget “Zero to Hero” think “Zero to Jedi Writer” or “Zero to Fly-By-The-Seat-Of-The-Pants Yoda Writer”. Learn to be a creative charismatic writer, you will.

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