Dear Jetstar……

Posted: 31/12/2013 in Finance
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Dear Jetstar...Having spent many years travelling by air, overseas and domestically, I can, quite truthfully, relate to this guy’s experience – ESPECIALLY when it comes to flying with Jetstar (did it once and vowed and declared – “Never Again”).

It is especially galling to have a bad flight experience when you’re on your way to a business meeting that’s scheduled for a short time after your arrival, one which is both important to you and one for which you need to have your wits about you (definitely NOT stressed).

As proven by many tales of travel-related stress suffered by business travellers, if you are flying somewhere on business, you’re better off flying Economy Class with a ‘full service’ airline or even better  flying Business Class for that fresh-on-arrival look and feel and in circumstances such as these, you should NEVER fly “False Economy Class”.

There. I’ve had my bit of a say on the matter.

Now, read what this other guy has to say….definitely worthy of a read (giggle)…..

His Blog is good, too!


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