Kerry Packer, the Texan, the Toss and the Truth

Posted: 30/12/2013 in Vanuatu


There are some businesses creators who have become the stuff of legends.

Kerry Packer is one of them!

Kerry Packer - "I'll Flip You For It!"Whether it’s been a tidbit you’ve read in a newspaper, heard on the radio, over a beer with the lads after work, whatever – I imagine you’ve heard the story about Packer’s joust with a Texan in a casino…..

The CEO of Mirage Resorts, Bobby Baldwin, explained in this exchange with the Las Vegas Review Journal’s Norm Clark two days after Packer’s death:

The story about the Texan? “True,” Baldwin said. Packer was at one table and the Texan, playing one table over, wanted some bigger action. Packer turned him down. “The other guy said, ‘I’m a big player too. I’m worth a hundred million.’ “Kerry said, ‘If you really want to gamble, I’ll flip you for it (the $US100 million).’ ” The Texan quietly went back to his game.Source:

Live cricket on TV…

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