Throw the Book at ’em

Posted: 25/07/2013 in Vanuatu
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Throw the Book at 'em

Throw the Book at ’em!

FRAUD IS FRAUD – no matter who perpetrates it.

It has become quite clear, in both the eyes of the law and from a moral and ethical standpoint, that we have just witnessed another DESPERATE attempt by DESPERATE people to acquire the positions of power that they DESPERATELY want! I am of course referring to the case against The Speaker which, was concluded in The Speaker’s favour earlier today.

The Claimants in this instance should be held accountable for:

  • Abuse of their position of trust – MP’s supposedly acting in the best interests of their constituents and country at all times rather than themselves;
  • Their FRAUDULENT use of signatures;
  • The time and money they have wasted both of which could have been better used in supporting the Government’s attempts and measures to IMPROVE the state of well-being of the country’s people;
  • Breaches of the law and of the Leadership Code.

The question of course is – “Will justice prevail or will the ‘big men’ get away with it…again?”


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