Congratulations! Now please – Don’t Mess Up!

Posted: 24/03/2013 in Vanuatu
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Vanuatu GovernmentWe in Vanuatu now have a new Government and here’s the line-up, straight from the new Minister of Lands, the Hon. MP Ralph Regenvanu (thanks Ralph [RR] for keeping us informed, especially on Facebook and on your website)……….

1. Prime Minister : Moana Carcasses Kalosil
2. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Trade : Nipake Edward Natapei
3. Finance and Economic Management : Willy Jimmy
4. Education : Bob Loughman
5. Lands, Geology, Mines, Energy and Water Resources : Ralph Regenvanu
6. Infrastructure and Public Utilities : Esmon Sae
7. Internal Affairs : Patrick Crowby Manarewo
8. Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Biosecurity : David Tosul
9. Tourism and Commerce : Marcelino Pipite
10. Health : Serge Vohor
11. Justice And Social Welfare : Maki Simelum
12. Youth Development, Training and Sports : Tony Wright
13. Planning and Climate Change Adaptation : Thomas Laken

* Ministry of Ni-Vanuatu Business Development and Ministry of Trade have been merged into a new Ministry of Tourism And Commerce
* Ministry of Youth Development, Training and Sports has been re-instated and the Ministry of Civil Aviation removed
* A new Ministry of Planning and Climate Change Adaptation has been created.

Additionally, the new Government has released its “100-Day Plan”, initially via the “Independent” newspaper. At some later time, I shall comment further on this “Plan”.

The Watcher(W)Nevertheless, have no doubt about my personal commitment and continued hard-line on corruption within the political and public sectors. Same goes for YACV and the VACC (Vanuatu Anti-Corruption Commission) of which I am part.

Personally, I intend to scrutinise the actions and deeds of the new government even more diligently. Why? Simply because perhaps for the first time since the early days of post-independence politics, the people of Vanuatu have a shared sense and vision of hope for the future – theirs and Vanuatu’s as a whole.

So, to all the new MP’s – DON’T MESS UP! We are relying on you to do the “right” thing – by us and by the nation.


  1. Ja… we are not ruled by other ones in old Colonial. We are independent Republic of Vanuatu. Our own currency speak for us – Long God Yumi Stanap = in God we Stand – and better was everything before money take away so much land from us! Better also if aid if wanting to help, that offer is from heart and not pocket.

    Island Custom respect legal coconut crab and coconut tree for travel in Vanuatu. Country like Australia have many problems with illegal customs, make big worries. We must understand we are very much different people in Vanuatu… Nobody can understand everything more natural – like respect – if not born here.

    Maybe white man see poverty area they make with money in outside Port Vila village of my old friend of father – George Sokomanu, uncle of before Prime Minister Barak Sopé- and maybe everything have history, but no Independence without this one man, Georg, Ja ? God know if he want help for our people with tax money before time… because everyone today what can not worry for tax use Vanuatu Bank too for no tax! So white man not better people for that one…

    I say hello for him in March 2012, and we talk talk very good for everything. Also with taxi Ben… for Efate, and Air Vanuatu best for respect, help, food, travel. This respect is custom for Vanuatu all time… money or no money we have all natural food to feed our people. Natural material to build house. Natural water for drink.
    All this one we share also with respect.

    Also long-house many Chief for Santo – Louganville – know me and have very respect I am born Irirki Island. Please… You not worry too much.

    I see you my Brothers.
    I see you my Sisters.
    Many people judge custom before heart. They not see with heart also.
    Say hello for me b’long Malo!

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