The newly-formed Vanuatu Corruption Commission

Posted: 01/02/2013 in Vanuatu
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What follows is the Press Release from the newly-formed  unit dedicated to the task of ridding this country of corruption…..

“The NGO’s and CBO’s comprising VANGO have united to form a Task Force of committed organizations and individuals determined to eliminate political and public service corruption”, according to a Task Force spokesperson. The name of this new anti-corruption force is the Vanuatu Corruption Commission (VCC).

The VCC spokesperson went on to state – “Vanuatu Political Authorities continue to ignore civil society’s calls for better governance of the public sector. Political and administrative corruption is as widespread as ever. Nepotism, cronyism, embezzlement of public funds, bribery and vote buying persist.

It is the citizen who pays the price, as demonstrated by the recent multiplicity of scandals reported in the media. For example, consider the mega yacht Phocea saga involving State Ministers, one of whom was also recently questioned by PNG Authorities in relation to possible Trans-National crimes committed. Then there is the outstanding Lands Department and Ministry scandal for which no-one has yet been held accountable.”

The Vanuatu Corruption Commission’s strategy is to:

  • Engage people, particularly the grassroots, including youth, women, church leaders, chiefs  more widely than ever before, for ultimately, only people can stop corruption
  • Speak out more boldly about corruption
  • Work more closely with our coalition partners and the media in the anti-corruption fight
  • Use our influence to exercise more pressure on political decision-makers to implement anti-corruption reform

Civil Society Organizations are a pillar of Vanuatu’s development and as Institutions dedicated in the fight for the Rights of all Vanuatu people, it is important that the government fully engages with these interest groups in its development plans as well as the implementation of its Priority Action Agenda.

Desk reviews on the government’s implementation of its Priority Action Agenda will be carried out by this group as well as closely monitoring the performance of those in public affairs. It is time for NGO’s to start holding the government accountable for the implementation of its policies and if failure of quality performance is detected, then this group has every right to pursue further legal assistance from legal Institutions in the region and even international, where appropriate.” 

  1. vicky Geiger says:

    My daughter Lailade Osunsade MD died in Vanuatu diving with Aquamarine Santo Co in May 2,2013.
    Vanuatu promotes scuba sport a major draw for Tourism, knowingly and willfully absence of scuba safety standard, absence of judicial enforcement to adhere to safe scuba business practice and lack ethical treatment to scuba death.

    • Hello Vicky. Could you please elaborate a little on your comment – “lack ethical treatment to scuba death”? I shall certainly be happy to follow through on this matter once I have a clearer understanding of the circumstances. Kind regards….Phil Manhire

      • vicky Geiger says:

        Sir: The Vanuatu police report, Vanuatu coroner’s report and witnesses reports were inaccurate. Vanuatu performed an autopsy on Laila’s mortal remain without forensic examination, the equipment used during her dive were not included with her mortal remain sent to NZ. My friends in the USA requested Petition .org to make the public aware of concerns about the circumstances of Laila’s diving death. Witnesses testimony reported to Vanuatu police was not immediately shared to NZ police . Vanuatu Police closed Laila’s diving death investigation because their finding was inconclusive . Laila’s mortal remain had rapid decomposition according to the mortician in NZ that a viewing was not possible. Vanuatu did not forward to NZ the diving equipment used with Laila’s mortal remains for forensic investigation. Vanuatu police did not investigate the business practice of Aquamarine. I prayed to NZ Department of Justice to investigate Laila’s diving death in Vanuatu.

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