Sato Kilman – MIA (Missing in Action)

Posted: 28/01/2013 in Finance, Vanuatu
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PM Sato KilmanHELLO! Is there anyone by the name of SATO KILMAN out there? Do we still have a Prime Minister – a Head of Government?

This latest rort/fraud by GEORGE BOGIRI and FRANCOIS BATICK is just too much. It’s now time for EVERY ex-pat (and interested Ni-Vanuatu) to come together in protest to (a) get rid of these bloody thieves/crooks/fraudsters, (b) demand the resignation of all parties involved in this scam, (c) prosecute these same people and put them behind bars and finally, find the legal means to get ourselves a government that will govern in accord with the principles of good governance, transparency, accountability, ethics and high morals because one thing is certain – the KILMAN Government has absolutely no idea what such principles mean.

In this case – “Silence is NOT golden!”

  1. Kabrini says:

    Very true lets protest, simple guys we vote n we have the right to react! Cheers

  2. Geltalefa Siviri says:

    How can this be stopped? It seems as if everywhere you turn you bump into someone who doesn’t have any shame in doing something corrupt! Why can’t people just work towards developing this country and put their selfish intentions last? What is Bogiri trying to do? How is he going to justify the obvious conflict of interest he has in this deal?

    Ugh, the love of money is leading people to act in evil and selfish manner! I say shame on the Kilman gov. I support any move for change!

    • …and here we are, nearly 12 months later with a new government and dare I say….overall, so far so good! Proves one thing….when enough “little people” stand up to the thieves and crooks, they can make a difference and be the beneficiaries of change for the better. “Congratulations Vanuatu!”.

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