Got any Ca$h

Posted: 28/01/2013 in Finance, GOLD, Vanuatu

Got any Ca$h?

Today’s article is all about CASH. You can read it here

News from around the globe this week:

All pretty boring, really. Especially in the markets. With the exception of Japan whose market has been up and down more times than a bride’s nightgown, it’s all been a matter of to-ing and fro-ing while the powers-that-be are in talk-fest mode but showing no signs of comprehensible or intelligent action.

Just a short comment on Gold which, has been buyable at good prices over the past two days… quote “BusinessInsider” – “Gold is one of the most mysterious and misunderstood commodities in the world. Despite claims that it’s not money, the world’s central banks carry tons of it.  And despite claims that it has no practical use, it is indeed used broadly in technology.”

When I was researching this, I must admit that the one statistic that caught me was the one relating to electronics – an estimated 320 tonnes of gold will be used in 2013 for this purpose. 


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