VNPF Press Release

Posted: 23/01/2013 in Vanuatu

Vanuatu National Provident Fund

At last, we have news from the VNPF. The fact that the VNPF’s Board has taken a pro-active stance in addressing the issues at hand, I see as a positive one (remember, they had certain Rules to follow which dictate some of the when’s, where’s and how’s of what can or cannot be made public until the completion of “due process”).

VNPF PRESS RELEASE-23 January 2013

Make your own judgement. Me, I feel that they have made a good start. Nevertheless, I’m certainly keen to see what the next round of Board-decided initiatives will be. I hope that they will continue this communication process with their Members.

Those who have been terminated are:

Anniva Tarilongi – CEO

Nadia Kanegai – Director Corporate Services & human Resource Dept.

Madeleine Kilman Sewere – HR Manager

Dalsey Demakon – Risk Officer

Anna Tapasongi – Personal Assistant to the CEO ( Anniva Tarilongi)


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