Property in a Million

Posted: 14/01/2013 in Vanuatu
Prima Gardens - Property in a Million

Property in a Million

Surely this must be one of the most beautiful properties for sale on Efate…. Prima Gardens“? 

From the owners, Phil & Margaret Manhire…….

“We hope you think so as well…it belongs to us and has done since we bought it in late 2007 and started the formal landscaping in 2008, including the planting of many trees that are now reaching maturity.

Nevertheless, given that we sold our nursery business two years ago and therefore stopped any further development of the property at that time, it now needs a little TLC, not a lot, just a little – to restore it to its former beauty.

We’re going to miss this unique little slice of Paradise of ours. We’ve put a lot of blood, sweat, tears and love (and money) into the place, however, it needs someone a bit younger than us, someone with a vision of what it COULD become…and there are plenty of choices on that front!”

See what you think of “Prima Gardens” here


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