Justice – Vanuatu style.

Posted: 21/12/2012 in Vanuatu

no-justiceThere has been plenty of media attention given to the many instances of misdeeds being perpetrated by leaders here and which have been fuelled by “revelations” from public sector employees and others. Everything from fraud to theft to assault to nepotism to gross incompetence to blatant rorting of the system and the law….and the list goes on.

The current debacle in the health sector is a classic example of mismanagement and corruptive practices being  allowed/encouraged by the present government. Crucify the innocent and reward the guilty!

The difference in Vanuatu is that the perpetrators of corrupt practices within the political and public service sector have to date been protected by the “big man” influence that tends to hold sway in such situations. These “big men” are, in effect, a law unto themselves and seemingly untouchable.

When a nation’s people, such as those in Vanuatu, can’t rely on their leaders to act in a fundamentally decent and honest fashion; when the nation’s citizens and residents can’t rely on being the beneficiaries of a true and equitable justice system, that’s when we all stand to be on the losing end of what constitutes economic, social and spiritual well-being – Citizens and Residents alike.

Now is when Vanuatu and indeed, the rest of the world, needs leaders of integrity, ability and guts to help provide its citizens with some protection from the avarice of “in-house” crooks as well as other nations who have shown that they will only too readily subject our nation to an economic financial raping and pillaging if it suits them.

Vanuatu has an opportunity to become a sovereign nation that ultimately doesn’t have to rely on the largesse of others – to become financially independent – a land of opportunity if you will. A “win-win” situation for one and all (except for the crooks, of course).

Those who have been elected to occupy the “red roof” building – it’s time to get your act together for the sake of the nation! Stop pissing around with toktok nomo: we need positive action, now!


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