One Small Thought/Question…..

Posted: 16/09/2012 in Vanuatu
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Overseas Luxury Health Care


We have no quality public health care facilities here in Vanuatu. The need for them is paramount. Tragically, people are dying EVERY DAY – unnecessarily due to the lack of services provided to and for the community. The Health and Education systems here require urgent and immediate attention….as a matter of PRIORITY! So far, NO GOVERNMENT has!

It may not cure the existing problem with our derelict health care system and facilities, however, do you not think that our politicians would pay more attention to this MAJOR issue if they were stripped of their parliamentary privilege related to access to tax-payer funded overseas health care for themselves and their “family” with the consequent need to pay any health care costs out of their own pockets?


Should Parliament revoke this Privilege in full or maybe with an transparently acceptable “apart from Exceptional Circumstances” application?


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