Now the fun begins….

Posted: 31/08/2012 in Vanuatu
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The Vanuatu Government has gone into caretaker mode due to the upcoming elections on 30th October.

The BIG QUESTION is“Will we have more of the same after October……more corruption, political cronyism, “Big Man” attitude, blatant law-breaking by politicians, a powerless Ombudsman, more “jobs for the boys”, poor health and education facilities, lack of accountability and transparency in the actions of senior bureaucrats and pollies and organizations such as the VNPF and the Lands Dept? Will we continue to have a country run by self-serving illiterati who care about nothing other than making sure they keep their place at the trough?”

In 60 DAYS FROM NOW, you will decide whether you want Vanuatu run by crooks (again) or by decent, caring men and women – people who GENUINELY care about Vanuatu’s cultural traditions and the welfare of its citizens and residents alike. VOTE……and VOTE WISELY!


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